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our roots

In 1978, during the times of the original running boom, Tortoise and Hare was founded. It was one of the first specialty running stores in the Midwest. For the last 25 years Tortoise and Hare has been a family business run by Karen Holappa and her son, Matt Holappa.  A new era began in 2015 with another Ann Arbor family taking ownership of Tortoise and Hare, Nobuko and Shawn Jyawook.

The original Tortoise and Hare was in downtown Ann Arbor with a second larger store on the north side of town. Now the main store is located in the north side location on Plymouth Road. 


and I'm Shawn

Hi I'm Nobuko

Shawn and I purchased Tortoise and Hare from another "running family" because we genuinely enjoy people. We wanted to invest in a place that focused on keeping our community healthy, happy and active—without injury or weakness. 

Our family chooses to live a very active life—T&H gives us a great excuse to do what we love to do every day. Whether that's the gear we stock or suggestions on how to move more efficiently, we're committed to quality, not trends.